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Witness the transformative power of influencer marketing in action! Our case studies showcase successful campaigns across diverse industries, providing you with a blueprint of success.

mhs case study

Case Studies

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Cuir Maven's Stylish Debut in the Fashion Scene with our UGC content

Cuir Maven

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Our UGC content creates the noise for Hush & Wear

Hush & Wear

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Showing off Muffynn's Plus-Size Pant for Every Body with our UGC content


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Bringing Zen to daily life through UGC shoot for R3SET


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Ghadi Cake's Influencer Campaign Delivers 36 Million Views and Countless Smiles!

Ghadi Cake

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TailorMan Influence Marketing Case Study

case study blog

Raze Energy

Raze Energy Influence Marketing Case study

case study blog

TCNS Clothing

TCNS Clothing Influencer Marketing Case Study

case study blog


Perfora Influencer Marketing Case Study

case study blog


Totapari Influencer Marketing Case Study

case study blog


Elleven Influencer Marketing Case Study

case study blog


Skinside Influencer Marketing Case Study

case study blog


ComfyLife redefines comfort, amplifying sales through the power of influencer marketing.

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Demonstrating the impact of barter services for Godrej in enhancing brand engagement.

case study blog

The Mom's Store

Customers become advocates of The Mom Store to drive brand awareness through UGC content.

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More reach and engagement made possible for Rupeezy through influencer marketing.

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Drink Prime

Showcasing the effectiveness of user-generated content in driving reach and awareness for Drink Prime's water purifiers.

case study blog


Making Holi more colourful for rupa with influencer marketing collaborations to increase brand awareness.

case study blog


More people, and more eyes on the Misumi event through influencer visits.

case study blog


Managing an army of influenceres for the world's biggest e-commerce brand.

case study blog


Making LetsShave the shaving sensation with influencer marketing.

case study blog

Kingdom of White

Making the Kingdom of White rule with the fashion influencer program.

case study blog


The ILife cleaning revolution made possible through strategic influencer stories. 

case study blog

Country Delight

Helping Country Delight bring delight to the lives of more customers with influencer marketing.

case study blog


Bringing heritage jewellery to the centre stage with the new age marketing strategy.

case study blog


Unleashing natural radiance of Mamaearth with the use of influencer magic.

case study blog


Taking Bajaj Pet Insurance to Pet parents all over India with influencer marketing.

case study blog


Utilizing the power of influencer marketing to make more skins glow with Foxtale.

case study blog

Astro Talk

Helping Astro Talk spread the word of astrolgy to the masses with influencer marketing.

case study blog


Showing off the luxury of BPTP with influencer collabortaion.

case study blog


Helping Puma make Virat Kohli's birthday extra special with influencer marketing.

case study blog


The laundry room spotlight on Ghadi with our influencer marketing expertise.

case study blog

Tac Ayurveda Co

The Ayurveda Co: Elevating Brand Awareness and Sales through Influencer Marketing

case study blog


Simsim's Fashion Influencer Program

case study blog


Meesho Influencer Marketing Case Study

case study blog


GlowRoad's Influencer Marketing Case Study

A marketing approach in which brands collaborate with influencers is called influencer marketing. These influencers, help the brands by promoting their brand to their audience by making an engaging post. Influencer marketing uses the reach of these influencers to create genuine reach for the brand.

In our influencer search, we meticulously filter our database, ensuring a 24/7 commitment from our campaign team to align influencers with the core values of your product or service. Authenticity is our guiding principle.

Our influencer management agency takes a multi-channel approach, crafting engaging stories, reels, haul videos, and compelling content on suitable social handles. Our focus is on tailoring campaigns to uniquely showcase your brand, reaching diverse audiences for optimal visibility and awareness.

Absolutely. We pride ourselves on flexibility. Our campaigns are not one-size-fits-all; they're tailored to seamlessly integrate with your brand's specific objectives, whether it's a product launch or overall brand promotion.

Our insights go beyond numbers. We provide a detailed snapshot of influencer demographics, audience interests, and engagement levels, empowering you with valuable data to make informed decisions.

Collaboration is key. Our influencer management agency works hand-in-hand with influencers to seamlessly integrate your brand's USP into their content, ensuring an authentic representation that resonates with your audience.

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