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Whether you are launching a new brand or a product for your already established brand, our influencer marketing services can take it to a whole new level. With our influencer talent agency at MHS, we make sure that the best influencers are chosen, whether for events or activations. If you have an event where you want influencers to visit and post about it on their social handles, we can do that for you. But if you want to go a step ahead and activate your product with 50 or even more influencers going live at the same moment, we can get that done for you through a well-planned social media and influencer marketing campaign, and we pull it off quite dashingly.

Why influencer events and activation?

Why Mhs

Live coverage with reach:

When so many of our influencers go live at the same time, social media hype gets high. People start sharing it, making sure people are looking at it. This gives a massive boost to your brand, making sure that it instantly makes a mark on the audience who are seeing it.

Higher engagement:

As mentioned above, this creates hype for your product, making people comment and like their favourite live videos, making it possible for the customers to get into real-time conversations about your product.

Extended lifespan of content:

This gives a platform for influencers to create content for you, and the content generated from the live event continues to provide value much after the launch of the live video. Use these videos for ongoing marketing efforts, including social media posts, blogs, and other promotional materials.

How does it work?

Consultation : We begin by understanding your brand, product, and the launch goals you have in mind. Our team will work tirelessly and collaborate with you to curate a personalized strategy.
Influencer selection: Our influencer management platform has an extended pool of diverse influencers. We start choosing influencers who fit your product, event, or activation style and contact them immediately.
Coordinated live event: Like an orchestra conductor, we make sure there is a manager or multiple managers to coordinate with you and the influencers, making sure that everything goes down perfectly. We make sure the live event works out seamlessly, with all influencers working in tandem, ensuring maximum impact and engagement.
Go live: We monitor each influencer and make sure they are on the right track. We have made sure many campaigns have been extremely successful for brands, and this is the reason why we are one of the top influencer marketing agencies in India.

Success Stories

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Influencer events and activations is an influencer marketing service strategy where brands collaborate with influencers to promote their products or events. This involves influencers chosen by our influencer talent agency attending events, going live, or creating content to engage their audience and create buzz around the brand.

Influencer events and activations from our influencer marketing agency offer several benefits which include, increased brand visibility and reach through live coverage and influencer content, higher engagement on social media platforms as influencers' followers interact with the content, extended lifespan of content, which can be repurposed for ongoing marketing efforts and authentic endorsements from influencers, enhancing brand credibility and trust.

Weuse our influencer management platform to select influencers based on their relevance to your brand, event, or product. Further, our influencer discovery platform considers factors such as audience demographics, engagement rates, and content style to ensure a perfect fit.

Our platform to connect influencers with brands can manage various types of events and activations, including product launches, brand activations, live streams, influencer meet-ups, and more. Our goal is to create memorable experiences that drive engagement and brand awareness.

Yes, our best influencer marketing agency India has a portfolio of successful case studies and testimonials from previous clients. You can explore these success stories on our website to see real-life examples of how we've helped brands achieve their goals.

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