Our UGC content creates the noise for Hush & Wear


Our UGC content creates the noise for Hush & Wear


Hush & Wear is a trendy fashion brand specializing in comfortable and stylish solid T-shirts in a variety of colours. With a focus on everyday wear, Hush & Wear aimed to enhance brand visibility and engage with its audience through user-generated content for brands (UGC) campaigns. Our user-generated content platform was entrusted with handling the entire campaign, from concept to execution.


Campaign Objective:


- Boost brand awareness through social media marketing.

- Increase sales conversion and lead generation.

- Drive consideration for Hush & Wear products.

- Optimize spend efficiency through marketing strategies.


Our influencer marketing agency took charge of the entire creative process, from scripting to shooting and editing. Our influencer marketing agency in Bangalore produced five engaging videos showcasing different colour solid T-shirts from Hush & Wear. These videos were crafted to demonstrate the versatility of the T-shirts in everyday scenarios, showing viewers how and where they can incorporate them into their daily lives.


The MHS X HUSH & WEAR UGC campaign brought numerous benefits to the brand like increased brand awareness, enhanced engagement and improved brand visibility.

The user-generated content for brands by our user-generated content platform successfully achieved its objectives by leveraging creative content to enhance brand awareness, engagement, and product visibility. Through our influencer marketing agency's expertise in handling the entire creative process, Hush & Wear effectively connected with its audience, driving consideration and interest in its solid T-shirts.

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