Ghadi Cake's Influencer Campaign Delivers 36 Million Views and Countless Smiles!


Ghadi Detergent Cake is a popular detergent brand known for its products that remove any stains. Ghadi aimed to leverage influencer marketing services to increase brand awareness, reach a wider audience, and promote its products. The campaign by our top influencer marketing agency targeted both YouTube and Instagram platforms, seeking to engage with audiences through high-quality and visually appealing content.


Metrics of the campaign:


- Number of influencers - 1 Top Tier and 2 Macro Influencers

- Total views - 38.7 Million+

- Number of likes - 1.4 Million+

- Number of comments - 9,000+


The influencers created engaging content featuring Ghadi Cake products and shared them on their social media and influencer marketing platforms. The campaign included YouTube videos and Instagram reels, allowing for a diverse range of content to reach different audiences. It is to be noted that the creative reel made by our top creator ‘Artist Shintu Maurya’ chosen by our influencer talent agency, garnered more than 36 Million views owing to its creativity.


The Ghadi influencer marketing service by our influencer marketing agency in India proved to be highly successful in achieving its objectives of increasing brand awareness and reaching a wider audience. By collaborating with top-tier and macro influencers, Ghadi not only enhanced its brand image but also generated significant engagement and interest in its products. With a strategic approach and compelling content, our influencer marketing marketplace effectively leveraged influencer marketing to strengthen its market position and connect with consumers in a meaningful way.

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