Amazon Fashion Influencer Program by My Haul Store

Our top influencer marketing agency, in collaboration with Amazon, launched an extensive influencer marketing service targeting the fashion-conscious female audience in India. Spanning from October 2020 to the present, the campaign aimed to drive reach and sales on the Amazon platform for a variety of products across fashion, beauty, and lifestyle categories.

The campaign by our influencer marketing platform for creators commenced with the enlistment of 60 influencers in October 2020. These influencers, spanning mid-tier, micro, and macro categories, produced one video each featuring products available on Amazon's fashion platform. By July 2021, the program experienced significant growth, with 1000 new influencers onboarded each month. Additionally, the frequency of videos per influencer was scaled up to three, resulting in a total output of 3000 videos per month. Influencers showcased a diverse range of products including clothing, jewellery, handbags, makeup, and skincare, catering to the varied interests of the target audience. 

Metrics of the campaign:

- Number of influencers: 1200 influencers chosen by our influencer talent agency

- Total Views: 350 Million

- Audience Engagement: 14 Million

- CPV: 0.11

The campaign's expansive reach made possible by our best influencer marketing platform, evidenced by the significant number of influencers and views, has enabled Amazon to connect with a vast audience of female consumers nationwide.

The Amazon Fashion Influencer Program by our platform to connect influencers with brands exemplifies the power of influencer marketing in driving reach, engagement, and potentially sales for e-commerce platforms. Through strategic collaboration with influencers and compelling content creation, MHS has effectively positioned itself as a leading destination for fashion and lifestyle products on Amazon. As the campaign continues to evolve, sustained focus on content quality, influencer partnerships, and audience engagement will be key to maximising its impact and achieving long-term success in driving sales and brand growth.

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