From Stories to Glory: Kaya Sunscreen's Influencer Impact


From Stories to Glory: Kaya Sunscreen's Influencer Impact

Kaya Sunscreen is a premium skincare brand renowned for its high-quality sunscreen products designed to protect and nourish the skin. Kaya Sunscreen partnered with our influencer marketing agency to enhance its brand visibility and strengthen its presence on social media and influencer marketing platforms through a focused influencer marketing campaign.

The campaign by our best influencer marketing company in India ran on 27th May 2024. The campaign collaborated with 12 lifestyle influencers who each created and shared live story posts on the same day, showcasing Kaya Sunscreen and its benefits. These stories were then reposted by Kaya Sunscreen’s official account, amplifying the reach and engagement. The stories in total reached 95,190 views in 24 hours.

The strategic use of Instagram Stories by lifestyle creators from our platform to connect influencers with brands significantly boosted the visibility of Kaya Sunscreen. The stories effectively highlighted the product’s benefits, engaging a wide audience. Collaborating with purely lifestyle creators proved highly effective. Their authentic and relatable content resonated well with their followers, driving engagement and interest in Kaya Sunscreen. The live story format provided a dynamic and engaging way to showcase the product, capturing viewers' attention and encouraging them to learn more about Kaya Sunscreen.

Our influencer marketing agency's Kaya Sunscreen influencer marketing service successfully achieved its objectives by leveraging the power of influencer collaborations and strategic content distribution. Through engaging Instagram Stories and authentic influencer partnerships, the campaign by our influencer marketing platform effectively showcased Kaya Sunscreen's benefits, resonating with a broad audience and generating significant interest. 

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