Store Visit

Store Visit

Boost your store’s visibility and sales with personalized store visits from Influencers through the best platform to connect influencers with brands!

Influencer Store Visit from MHS is a groundbreaking influencer marketing service that takes your brand directly to your targetted local audience. It is one of our most sought-after influencer marketing services. Our Store Visit service taps into the power of influencers to create authentic, engaging content around your store, products, and services.

Why Store Visit?

Local Impact :

Our platform for influencers boasts a database of local and pan-Indian influencers, helping us connect you with your target audience locally. Our influencers resonate with their community, ensuring a high impact on your target demographic.

First-Hand Experience:

Unlike traditional marketing, Store Visit provides your customers with a experience of your store, products, and services right from the mouth of their favorite influencers. Let them see, touch, and feel what your brand is all about, making an impact beyond the digital screen.

Detailed Showcase:

Store Visit is a unique service from our influencer management agency. It allows influencers to showcase the diversity of your offerings, giving customers a look at all you have to offer.

Location and Hospitality:

Show your store’s unique atmosphere, location, and how your employees treat the customers increaseing, footfall and builds a positive outlook for your brand.

Sales-Driven Strategy:

Beyond just visibility, Store Visit is a sales-driven strategy. This experience shown through influencers work as endorsement that leads to increased sales. By partnering with the best influencer marketing platform, you get the guarantee of working with the best in business, making sure you get what you deserve.

Success Stories

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Showing off the luxury of BPTP with influencer collabortaion.

Astro Talk

Astro Talk

Helping Astro Talk spread the word of astrolgy to the masses with influencer marketing.



Bringing heritage jewellery to the centre stage with the new age marketing strategy.



More people, and more eyes on the Misumi event through influencer visits.

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Local influencers, real impact – Witness an immediate increase in footfall and sales with a Store Visit from your favourite influencer marketing marketplace!

A marketing approach in which brands collaborate with influencers is called influencer marketing. These influencers, help the brands by promoting their brand to their audience by making an engaging post. Influencer marketing uses the reach of these influencers to create genuine reach for the brand.

In our influencer search, we meticulously filter our database, ensuring a 24/7 commitment from our campaign team to align influencers with the core values of your product or service. Authenticity is our guiding principle.

Our influencer management agency takes a multi-channel approach, crafting engaging stories, reels, haul videos, and compelling content on suitable social handles. Our focus is on tailoring campaigns to uniquely showcase your brand, reaching diverse audiences for optimal visibility and awareness.

Absolutely. We pride ourselves on flexibility. Our campaigns are not one-size-fits-all; they're tailored to seamlessly integrate with your brand's specific objectives, whether it's a product launch or overall brand promotion.

Our insights go beyond numbers. We provide a detailed snapshot of influencer demographics, audience interests, and engagement levels, empowering you with valuable data to make informed decisions.

Collaboration is key. Our influencer management agency works hand-in-hand with influencers to seamlessly integrate your brand's USP into their content, ensuring an authentic representation that resonates with your audience.

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