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Energizing social media for Raze Energy through our Influencer marketing services.

Our influencer marketing marketplace partnered with Raze Energy to execute an influencer marketing service designed to enhance brand awareness, drive sales conversion, generate leads, and leverage the festive spirit of Holi. The campaign commenced on March 6th, 2024, and is currently ongoing as of 18th April, focusing on harnessing the power of influencers to amplify brand messaging and increase social media and influencer marketing presence.

Metrics of the campaign:

Total Reach - 18,000

Total Views - 5,700

Engagement - 18.1%

Likes - 221

Comments - 12

Utilizing Reels emerged as an effective strategy for promoting products and increasing brand visibility through Instagram influencer marketing, highlighting the importance of leveraging diverse content formats. Aligning with lifestyle creators proved fruitful in connecting with the target audience and driving engagement, underscoring the significance of influencer niche alignment. 

Raze Energy's social media and influencer marketing has made significant strides in achieving its objectives of increasing brand awareness, driving engagement, and leveraging the festive spirit of Holi. By capitalizing on reel promotion, collaborating with lifestyle creators, and exploring partnerships with mid-tier influencers, chosen by our influencer discovery platform the campaign has laid a strong foundation for continued success and growth.

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