A journey of brand awareness and engagement for Skinside

In March 2024, our top influencer marketing agency joined forces with Skinside to embark on an impactful influencer marketing service aimed at elevating brand awareness, engagement and sales conversion. Through strategic collaborations with influencers chosen by our influencer talent agency, the campaign sought to showcase Skinside's products, increase social media and influencer marketing presence, and drive audience engagement.

Metrics of the campaign:

- Total reach - 15,000

- Total views - 7,000

- Number of likes - 63

- Engagement - 3.2%

- Comments - 29

For a campaign that is only one month old and driven by micro creators, the reach received is astounding. This was possible by choosing the right influencers from our influencer discovery platform. The micro-influencers outperformed expectations, showcasing the effectiveness of niche influencers in driving engagement. Collaboration with beauty creators yielded favourable results, underscoring the importance of aligning content with audience interests and preferences.

Through strategic influencer marketing service and engaging content creation, our influencer marketing marketplace and Skinside successfully achieved the campaign objectives, establishing a strong foundation for brand growth and engagement. By leveraging the power of influencers, the campaign not only amplified Skinside's brand presence but also fostered meaningful connections with its target audience.

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