Getting people to shave with LetsShave

The Letshave campaign by our influencer marketing company, launched in January 2023, was a standalone initiative aimed at increasing brand awareness and driving sales through dedicated YouTube campaigns targeting audiences in PAN India Tier 1 Cities. The videos planned by our influencer management agency thus focused on brand awareness, product quality, and product description with an engaging storyline that captivates the audience towards LetsShave products.

Metrics of Campaign:

- Total Influencers Till Date: 50 influencers chosen by our influencer talent agency

- Total Views up-to Date: 50,000

- Average Cost per View (CPV): 0.3

- Tier: Nano Influencers

- The genre of Influencers: Lifestyle, Vloggers, Beauty

Utilizing a conceptual shoot approach, the campaign by our platform to connect influencers with brands effectively conveyed brand awareness, product quality, and product description through engaging storylines tailored to resonate with the target audience.

Through strategic collaboration with nano influencers and impactful storytelling, our influencer marketing service for the LetsShave campaign successfully achieved its objectives of enhancing brand awareness and driving sales, establishing a strong presence and consumer base in the competitive market landscape.

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