Making Elleven's 11:11 wish come true with Influencer Marketing

In a bid to redefine fashion influence and drive brand engagement, our influencer marketing agency partnered with TCNS Elleven for an influencer marketing service spanning from February 1st, 2024, to April 4th, 2024. With a comprehensive agenda aimed at enhancing brand awareness, boosting sales conversion, and fostering an influencer community, the campaign set out to significantly impact the fashion landscape.

Metrics of the campaign:

Total Infleuncers - 54

Total Reach - 3,00,000

Total Views - 1,20,000

Engagement on Micro creators - 3.70%

Engagement on Macro creators - 5.40%

ROAS Target - 3.5

One of the key success metrics of the campaign from our influencer marketing platform was the performance across different tiers of influencers. Micro-tier creators, totalling 48, generated significant engagement, with a total reach of 100,000 and an engagement rate of 3.70%. Additionally, mid-tier influencers, comprising six individuals, showcased exceptional performance, amassing 70,000 views and boasting an impressive engagement rate of 5.40%. These insights underscore the effectiveness of diverse influencer collaborations in driving brand reach and engagement.

Further analysis revealed valuable learnings from the campaign by our platform to connect brands with influencers. Mid-tier creators emerged as particularly effective in driving campaign objectives, highlighting the importance of selecting influencers strategically. Instagram creators proved to be more lucrative in generating revenue compared to YouTubers, attributed to their higher engagement rates and visual storytelling capabilities. Leveraging Instagram features such as Reels and Stories contributed significantly to brand visibility and product promotion. Moreover, content created by fashion-focused creators resonated well with the audience, showcasing the power of aligning content with audience interests and preferences.

In conclusion, the Elleven campaign by our influencer marketing agency exemplifies the transformative potential of influencer marketing services in the fashion industry. By leveraging the influence of creators across different tiers and platforms, the campaign by our top influencer marketing agency successfully elevated brand awareness, drove audience engagement, and laid the foundation for continued growth and success in the competitive fashion landscape.

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