Amping up the sales of ILIFE

The ILIFE campaign by our top influencer marketing agency, launched in September 2022 is ongoing and aims to increase brand awareness and drive sales through dedicated YouTube and Instagram influencer marketing campaigns targeting Tier 1 cities across India. Our influencer marketing platform for creators collaborated with influencers from various genres including lifestyle, vloggers, and home decor enthusiasts for this campaign.

A conceptual shoot with a focus on brand awareness, product quality, and product description with a storyline to engage the audience effectively was used to get the maximum reach by our influencer marketing marketplace.

Metrics of Campaign:

- Total Influencers Till Date: 35 influencers chosen by our influencer talent agency

- Total Views up-to Date: 2 Million +

- Average Cost per View (CPV): 0.3

- YouTube & Instagram Campaign: PAN India Tier 1 cities (Dedicated Video)

- Genre of Influencers: Lifestyle, Vloggers, Home Decor

The videos shared on YouTube provide a glimpse into the campaign's narrative-driven content, engaging the audience and driving brand visibility and consideration. Through strategic influencer collaborations and compelling storytelling, the ILIFE campaign from our best influencer marketing platform continues to achieve its objectives of enhancing brand awareness and driving sales, establishing a strong presence in the competitive market landscape.

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