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Astrotalks, a leading astrology and spiritual guidance application sought to increase brand awareness and drive application downloads among a targeted audience predominantly based in South India. Partnering with MHS one of the best influencer marketing agencies in India, Astrotalks embarked on a dynamic influencer marketing campaign aimed at engaging female audiences aged 30-40 through YouTube content creators with a significant presence in South India.

Our influencer marketing company orchestrated a series of 18 YouTube videos featuring top, mid, and micro-tier influencers whose audience demographics aligned with Astrotalks' target criteria. The content creators were carefully selected based on geography and female audience focus.

Each creator produced 2-3 minutes of integrated videos, seamlessly incorporating Astrotalks' offerings into their content. The videos provided insights into astrology, spiritual guidance, and the benefits of using the Astrotalks application, tailored to resonate with the South Indian audience's interests and preferences.

Our influencer marketing service yielded significant results. It increased brand awareness with the targeted audience and increased the downloads with an engagement level of 7% on the videos. It also strengthened brand positioning in the competitive astrology and spiritual guidance market.

Through strategic collaboration with MHS and the selection of influential content creators aligned with Astrotalks' target audience, the campaign successfully achieved its objectives of driving brand awareness and application downloads. By leveraging the reach and influence of South-based creators with a female-centric approach, Astrotalks effectively connected with its desired demographic, establishing a strong foundation for future growth and engagement.

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