Awareness, Sales and more for Foxtale

The campaign for Foxtale by our influencer management agency aimed to achieve several objectives including brand awareness, sales conversion, consideration, spending efficiency, building an influencer community, and increasing social media and influencer marketing presence for Foxtale.

Metrics of the campaign:

- Total Reach: 1 million

- Total Views: 420,000

- Number of Likes: 11,900

- Audience Engagement: 5%

- Number of Comments: 390

By collaborating with Micro-tier creators our best influencer marketing platform made sure brand visibility significantly increased for Foxtale. Videos created by purely fashion-focused creators chosen by our influencer talent agency garnered high engagement and performance, suggesting that aligning influencer marketing services with the brand's niche can yield favourable results.

The Foxtale campaign led by our influencer management platform successfully achieved its objectives by leveraging influencer marketing to enhance brand awareness, drive sales, and increase social media presence. The campaign's achievements and learnings provide valuable insights for future influencer marketing service endeavours, emphasizing the importance of strategic influencer collaboration and content alignment with brand values and audience preferences.


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