Driving interest in Misumi Event at Bangalore

The Misumi Bangalore campaign by our influencer marketing agency in Bangalore aimed to create powerful human-centric content to resonate with the audience on YouTube and Instagram through our social media influencer agency, enhancing brand engagement and visibility and also driving footfalls to their event.

Metrics of the campaign:

- Total-Content Reach: 783,292

- Total Engagement: 62,630

- CPV (Cost Per View):  0.31

- Number of creators: 2 creators were chosen by our influencer talent agency

- Content-Type: Instagram Reel, Instagram Live, Instagram Story and YouTube video

By collaborating with two influencers that align with the objectives wanted for the campaign, our platform to connect influencers with brands was able to bring the best results for the Misumi campaign, significantly boosting their awareness.

The campaign by our top influencer marketing company successfully leveraged powerful human-centric content on YouTube and Instagram influencer marketing, engaging the audience effectively. Instagram Live sessions and shoutout reels contributed significantly to reach and engagement metrics.


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