Bringing Zen to daily life through UGC shoot for R3SET


Bringing Zen to daily life through UGC shoot for R3SET

R3SET is a prominent lifestyle brand offering innovative products designed to enhance personal wellness, relaxation and stress-free life. Committed to providing quality solutions for modern living, R3SET sought to leverage user-generated content for brands (UGC) to boost brand awareness and engagement among its target audience from our user-generated content platform.

Campaign Objective:

- Enhance brand awareness through social media and influencer marketing.

- Increase sales conversion and lead generation.

- Drive consideration for R3SET products.

- Optimize spend efficiency through performance marketing.

The entire production, including shoot and editing, was expertly handled by our user-generated content platform. The UGC showcased R3SET products in engaging and visually appealing ways, capturing the attention of the audience in a real-life view, and giving customers a clear picture of how the product works.

User-generated content shot with R3SET in a real-life light helped build trust and credibility among consumers. The campaign by our influencer marketing agency in Bangalore successfully achieved its objectives by leveraging user-generated content to enhance brand awareness, engagement, and product visibility. Through the expert production by our platform to connect influencers with brands and strategic selection of creators, R3SET effectively connected with its audience, driving consideration and sales conversion.

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