Increasing sales and reach for Bajaj Pet Insurance

The agenda for the Bajaj campaign was to drive sales and reach for Bajaj. Our top influencer marketing company started to work to get Bajaj the best results. Through our influencer discovery platform, we chose the 10 best influencers for this campaign.

Influencer Performance through the Campaign:

 - 10 of the best influencers were chosen by our influencer talent agency.

 - Total Reach per influencer varied from 32K to 9.7 Million.

 - Total Views ranged from 7.6K to 1.3 Million.

 - Audience Engagement varied between 0.29% to 15.26%.

Metrics of the Campaign:

 - Total Reach: 15 Million

 - Total Views: 2.1 Million

 - Audience Engagement: 6%

 - Page Views: 7.5K

The influencers chosen by our platform to connect influencers with brands had channels featuring pet parents, vloggers who showcased their pets in over 30% of their content, pure pet channels focused on pet-related content and Macro and Mid-tier influencers.

The MHS X Bajaj campaign effectively enhanced brand awareness, reached a wide audience and drove engagement. Our influencer marketing agency was able to leverage influencers who are pet parents and heavily feature their pets in their content which proved to be successful.

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