Throwing colours with Rupa Influencer Marketing

Rupa partnered with our influencer marketing company to drive more sales during the occasion of Holi. The influencer marketing service from our top influencer marketing agency lasted from March 22nd to March 24th, 2024. The agenda of the campaign was first to drive more sales and then bring more awareness to the Rupa brand and build their social media presence.

Metrics of the campaign:

- Total Reach: 500K

- Total Views: 103K

- Number of Likes: 3.1K

- Audience Engagement: 4.2%

- Number of Comments: 64

With the target to sell more during Holi, social media and influencer marketing services significantly enhanced their reach during the festive time. Brand visibility was notably increased through the promotion of products via Reels and Stories on social media platforms.

Overall, the Rupa campaign by our platform for influencers successfully achieved its objectives of enhancing brand awareness, engagement, and social media presence. By leveraging festival concepts and strategic content promotion, the campaign demonstrated the effectiveness of influencer marketing in driving brand visibility and audience interaction.

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