Making awareness a breeze for Rupeezy

Our top influencer marketing agency worked with Rupeezy from February 23rd, 2024 - March 19th, 2024, with the agenda of increasing awareness, app downloads, lead generation and increasing their social media presence. By partnering with our platform to connect influencers with brands, they were able to get significant exposure.

Metrics of the campaign:

- Total Reach: 300K

- Total Views: 116.2K

- Number of Likes: 2.8K

- Audience Engagement: 4.3%

- Number of Comments: 90

With a good amount of reach, audience engagement remained high at 4.3%, indicating effective content resonance. Building a stronger influencer community and fostering ongoing partnerships could contribute to sustained campaign success and increased social media presence over time.

Overall, the Rupeezy campaign from our influencer marketing company demonstrated the effectiveness of influencer marketing services in driving brand awareness and engagement. Moving forward, refining campaign objectives and strategies, as well as nurturing social media and influencer marketing, will be key to achieving better metrics.

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