Engagement Explosion: Shopsy's Influencer Marketing Success


Engagement Explosion: Shopsy's Influencer Marketing Success

Shopsy is a dynamic e-commerce brand offering a wide range of products, including beauty items, apparel, and more. To amplify its online presence and engage with a broader audience, Shopsy partnered with our influencer marketing agency for an impactful influencer marketing service.

The objective of the campaign was to increase brand awareness and reach, and populate the brand hashtag across social media and influencer marketing platforms. Other objectives included building a stronger influencer community for Shopsy and enhancing its presence online.

Metrics of the campaign:

Number of Creators: Nano: 350 | Micro-tier: 231 | Mid-tier: 187 | Macro-tier: 67 | Top-tier: 8

Total Reach: 10 million

Total Views: 8.5 million

Number of Likes: 385,000

Audience Engagement: 4.6%

Number of Comments: 8,070

Number of Clicks: 105,000

The campaign featured a diverse group of influencers chosen by our best influencer marketing company in India, each bringing their unique style and niche to the table:

Arts & Crafts Creators: Their short, creative videos helped achieve a low cost per view (CPV) and engaged a broad audience.

Comic/Entertainment Creators: These influencers provided entertaining content that resonated well with their followers, driving high engagement rates.


Beauty & Lifestyle Creators: Each creator's unique style and niche helped them stand out, contributing to the campaign’s success in a crowded market.

The Shopsy influencer service campaign by our influencer marketing marketplace successfully achieved its objectives by leveraging the power of influencer partnerships to enhance brand awareness, drive engagement, and increase product visibility. Through carefully crafted content and strategic promotion by our influencer management agency, the campaign effectively showcased Shopsy’s products, resonating with a broad audience and generating significant interest.


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