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A barter campaign from MHS is an influencer marketing service for any brand that does not have a big budget to pay the influencers. A lot of growing influencers are looking for brand deals every day. To empower influencers and help new brands grow, MHS works magic by bringing the two together with a platform to connect influencers with brands. With this service, influencer marketing for small businesses does not have to be expensive. You send influencers your products, and they do the video without charge. A small commission from the revenue generated is charged for the services rendered. It's a great service for any new or upcoming company to make their presence known in the online world through the best influencer marketing platform for small businesses.

Why Barter Campaigns?

Why Barter Campaigns?

Lesser cost:

Maximize your brand's visibility without breaking the bank with the best influencer marketing platform. Barter campaigns offer a cost-effective solution, allowing brands to connect with influencers who align with their values. Most of these influencers doing a barter campaign will be influencers in the starting stage. Never the less, it's a good start to your infleuncer marketing journey.

Test the waters:

If you are new to influencer marketing companies and are not fully confident to go in full swing or have a bigger budget, then barter campaigns are a great way to start. With this, you can gain knowledge of how your company performs with influencer marketing and then plan the next big influencer campaign.

Targeted audience:

You can strategically align with influencers whose audience matches the audience you want to target with our best influencer discovery platform. A barter campaign allows you to ensure that your brand reaches the right niche.

Genuine impact:

As we mentioned before, these influencers have a very small niche, which makes sure that every video that they put out has an impressive reach among their audience.

Sales driven barter campaign:

This is basically a barter campaign but enhanced to make more sales for you from it. The social media and influencer marketing campaigns will be set up and executed in a way that makes sure that you get the highest possible sales from each video. You would only need to bear the product cost that is to be delivered to the influencer and only pay us 20–25% of the returns you get from the campaign. With this, we become your partner and strive to get the best output possible, ensuring the best for your product and brand. .
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Kickstart your influencer marketing with barter campaigns from MHS and take your brand to the next level!

A barter campaign is an influencer marketing service where brands and influencers collaborate without a necessary monetary exchange. Instead of paying influencers, our platform to connect influencers with brands provides them with products or services in exchange for promotion on their social influencer marketing platform.

Our influencer management agency facilitates barter campaigns by connecting brands with influencers who are willing to promote products or services in exchange for receiving them for free. Brands send their products to influencers, who then create content featuring the products on their social media channels.

Barter campaigns provided by our influencer agency for micro-influencers are ideal for brands that are looking to increase their visibility and reach but have budget constraints. It's particularly beneficial for new or upcoming companies that want to establish their presence in the online world without heavy financial investment.

Our best micro-influencer agency carefully selects influencers whose audience demographics and interests align with the brand's target audience. Through this our influencer marketing agency ensures that the content reaches the right niche, maximizing the brand's visibility and engagement.

Barter campaigns by our best influencer marketing platform offer several benefits, including: Cost-effectiveness: Brands can maximize visibility without significant financial investment through our best influencer marketing platform for small businesses.
Testing the waters: It's a low-risk way for brands new to influencer marketing services to gauge its effectiveness before committing to larger campaigns.
Targeted audience reach: Brands can strategically align with micro-influencers on Instagram India whose audience matches their target demographic.
Genuine impact: Influencers in barter campaigns often have smaller, niche audiences, resulting in more genuine and impactful engagement.

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