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In January 2023, MHS joined forces with T.A.C. (The Ayurveda Co.) to embark on an exciting journey to enhance brand visibility and drive sales among the female demographic in Tier 1 cities across Northern India. By joining hands with the best influencer marketing platform, they were able to leverage the power of influencer marketing on platforms like YouTube and Instagram, our collaboration with T.A.C exemplified our commitment to innovative and impactful marketing strategies.

With a dual focus on brand awareness and sales growth, our campaign with T.A.C sought to establish a strong presence in Northern India's Tier 1 cities while driving conversions and fostering customer loyalty.

Spanning a month-long duration, our campaign featured a carefully curated selection of influencers from the beauty, lifestyle, and vlogging domains. The campaign was strategically designed to leverage both YouTube and Instagram platforms, capitalising on the diverse content formats available, including integrated posts, dedicated videos, and engaging reels.

Our influencer marketing agency worked out a campaign strategy that revolved around the collaborative efforts of seven creators, each tasked with producing compelling content that resonated with their audience. Through a combination of Instagram reels and YouTube videos, influencers shared authentic testimonials, product descriptions, and insights into T.A.C offerings, emphasizing the brand's commitment to quality and efficacy.

With 308k views across all content, our campaign achieved significant visibility and engagement on both YouTube and Instagram platforms. With an average CPV of 0.3, our influencer marketing company delivered exceptional value for each view, maximizing our ROI and driving cost-effective results.

Our collaboration with The Ayurveda Co. shows the transformative power of influencer marketing in elevating brand awareness and driving sales growth. By leveraging the creativity and authenticity of influencers, we successfully penetrated Tier 1 cities in Northern India, establishing a strong foothold in the market while delivering tangible results for our clients. Moving forward, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and excellence in influencer marketing, driving meaningful impact for brands and audiences alike.

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