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What Type of Influencer Is the Most Popular?


Influencer marketing can be used in a lot of different ways, but some areas get a lot of attention from customers and a lot of content makers to choose from. Here are 10 of the best types of influencers marketing that people really like on social media, along with examples of content creators on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube for each one.

Different Social Media Influencers Based on Posts

Influencers in Beauty

These celebrities share makeup tutorials, skincare regimens, and product reviews, providing their followers with beauty and self-care advice. People are interested in cosmetics, beauty items, and product recommendations. Skincare, haircare, makeup, beauty, and cosmetics firms may gain from beauty star endorsements.

They could be social media stars, writers, vloggers, or podcasters. Macro leaders have a big following and have built those following over months or years of building relationships and getting more fans. Their response rate will probably be low because they have many followers.

It's great to use macro influencers to get people to know about your business, goods, and services. Your brand's reach and the number of people who interact with it can both grow thanks to this connection. Macro influencers have a lot of fans, which means they can help you reach more people and improve the image of your brand.

Bloggers And Vloggers

A lot of people look up to bloggers and vloggers as leaders. They belong to the macro- and mega-influencer groups because they have a lot of people who follow them on their blogs or YouTube pages.

People look up to them as experts in their fields, and they regularly produce high-quality text and video material that can keep their fans interested. They often have a lot of followers on other social media sites besides their blog or video feed. This makes them great partners because they can spread the word about your business.

Bloggers can also help you improve your SEO by linking back to your site from other sites. Through their paid blog posts, they can also send a good amount of people to your site.

Such is also true for vloggers. They can help you get more people to know about your brand by making movies that people want to watch and share. By putting links in the titles of their videos and pushing people to click on them, they can also bring more people to your website or boost your sales.

As an example, Bigelow Tea worked with Ashley from Cherished Bliss, a micro-influencer writer, to promote their business. She changed the recipe for her iced tea to include their brand name.


Because they are famous and have many fans, they tend to charge a lot to work with. In addition, their following is too big for them to be working in just one area, so that it will be very diverse, with people from all walks of life and hobbies. Because of this, they may not be as valuable to your business as micro-influencers. 

Most people agree that mega-influencers' fame is greater than their real influence. People follow them because they are well-known, only sometimes because they are close with them and trust what they say. Mega-influencers get tens of millions of likes and views, which is a lot of people. Their huge reach might sound like a great selling point, but it can be hard to tell how much of it comes from your target users or how many people are actually persuaded to buy.

Real-life TV stars

Reality TV stars are the best examples of what it means to be an "overnight sensation." People can go from being home cooks or bathroom singers to being well-known. Because of this, people on social media often find it easier to connect with them, and they may have closer ties to reality TV stars.


Gaming stars often live stream their games on sites like Twitch and YouTube, where they can get millions of fans who want to learn how to play better or become better gamers. Gaming influencers usually support video games and brands and goods related to games. Because they reach such a specific audience, brands of cars, clothes, shoes, snacks, and drinks are likely to do very well with a relationship with a gaming influencer.


Lifestyle and vloggers post a variety of things, such as travel, home decor, daily habits, and relationship tips. This makes them great for brands that want to reach a wide range of people. They are flexible enough to sell a wide range of goods and services in their material, so they are not bound to a single area or business. 

These types of influencers are also great at making approachable and interesting content, which helps brands get seen and builds communities. One thing to keep in mind is that some of these stars used to be known for a certain area but are now full-time vloggers, so they may lean more towards one category, which can be good for your brand.


Most people who are active on social media are doing so to support a political or social cause. Their goal is to bring about some good change by persuading other people. They often have very strong ideas about current events and use social media to say what they think. Because of this, brands should be very careful when working with these kinds of social media stars.

Working Out and Sports

People who follow exercise and sports leaders often get motivated by them. A lot of the time, they promote sports brands, health and wellness-related food and drink brands, certain workout and eating plans, and more.

News Reporters

Journalists are important people in the media who can change how people think about your brand. The majority of writers today are also involved on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. Finding these kinds of writers and working with them will have a huge effect on your image and reach.

Finance and Business

Business and finance leaders discuss finances, starting a business, and financial planning, catering to people who want to hear from experts. They help you with everything from how to pay for everyday things to how to plan your future finances. People believe them because they talk about the money moves that worked and the ones that did not. This makes their help seem real and doable.

This kind of motivator is shown very well by The Financial Diet. The YouTube channel has more than a million subscribers. It uses honest and helpful personal financial stories to teach its viewers how to make better decisions. This makes it a popular choice for people looking for financial advice. 


Travel leaders offer more than just a lot of fear of missing out (FOMO). Many people who have a lot of followers on social media offer travel tips, tricks, and hacks. They also review travel-related brands and suggest plans that include places to eat. Like exercise and games, travel can be broken down into different areas, such as gear, places to visit, how-tos, and more.

Leaders Of Thought

These are the types of social media users who support new and cutting-edge ideas. Most of the time, they are business owners and top executives at large companies.

People who follow them on social media learn about the latest changes and trends in their fields. They are also very loyal and swear by what they say.

Food and Health

Food and nutrition leaders keep people interested by offering food tips, restaurant reviews, and advice on eating healthily. Their sites can connect brands with a wide range of people who are looking for healthy eating ideas and information. These influencers are a tasty way for food-related businesses to promote their products, whether they are fancy food brands, new food services, or even companies that sell the newest cooking tools. 

Because they can write content that appeals to both foodies and health-conscious people, marketers who want to get people interested in food-related goods and services can only do so with them. For example, Cherie from Thriving on Plants on TikTok has captured the attention of millions with her fun and easy vegetable recipes. Her success comes from her ability to make healthy eating fun and easy by turning simple items into meals that look amazing and make you want to try them. 

Well-Being And Health

Health and wellness leaders try to get people to think about their health more comprehensively, focusing on physical and mental health. They make health and wellness easy to understand and fun by advising on good exercise habits, mental health techniques, and general health. 

Brands in the health, fitness, and wellness businesses need these kinds of leaders to connect with people who are actively looking for ways to improve their health. They can easily include goods or services in their content, like fitness gear, health apps, or nutritional supplements, making tips that are honest and relevant to their followers. This realness makes the brand more visible and builds trust, which can lead to more involvement and sales.

For example, leaders in this field can show how they use exercise equipment in their workouts or talk about the health benefits of vitamins in their diet tips. This shows how the product is useful and relevant in real life.

Raising Kids

Some people who have many followers are parenting influencers. They review products and share their own stories about being parents, including the good and bad things that have happened. Influencers in parenting can market goods in a huge number of different industries.

Tips to Find the Best Influencer for Your Business

  • Do you have little money? That being said, it's likely that you can't afford a mega-influencer. It would help if you also thought about whether working with your brand would seem real to both of you since that's an important part of influencer marketing. Also, think about whether the goals of your campaign are in line with what the influencer can do for you in terms of brand recognition, sales, and so on. 
  • Also, remember to consider the influencer's main site. Because their videos are in a completely different style, micro-influencers on Instagram and YouTube vloggers will have different opportunities to display your app. How would your product or service look better on Instagram or TikTok, where videos are mostly pictures or short clips? Or would it look better in a long YouTube vlog?


You can use different kinds of influencers to get the word out about your business, goods, and services, as you can see. You can find the right influencer for you based on your area, business attitude, and cash. Pick up one of these tools for influencer marketing to find stars!