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Top 13 Indian Influencers Above the Age of 30


If you're looking for the best influencers in India above the age of 30, then this list of famous Indian influencers is the perfect place to start. These top social media influencers in India have used their expertise, creativity, and experience to build a strong presence on Instagram and YouTube. In this article, we will look at My Haul Store’ s top 13 Indian influencers above the age of 30.

1. Gaurav Taneja

A fitness enthusiast and founder of the fitness brand, Fit Muscle TV, Gaurav Taneja creates content on fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle. He has inspired many to lead a healthy life and has a massive subscriber count of 7.86 million on YouTube.

2. Malini Agarwal

Founder of the popular entertainment website, MissMalini, Malini Agarwal is one of the most influential bloggers in India. She is known for her celebrity interviews and fashion and beauty content. She has 667k subscribers on YouTube.

3. Larissa D'Sa

A fashion and lifestyle influencer, Larissa D'Sa creates content on fashion, beauty, and travel. She has collaborated with several brands. She has a large subscriber base of 588k on YouTube. 

4. Scherezade Shroff

A fashion and beauty influencer, Scherezade Shroff has been on the scene for over a decade. She has a loyal following of 329k on YouTube and has collaborated with many brands.

5. Kanan Gill

A stand-up comedian and YouTuber, Kanan Gill creates content on comedy, movies, and pop culture. He has a subscriber count of over 700k subscribers on YouTube. 

6. Sanam Puri

A musician and lead vocalist of the band Sanam, Sanam Puri creates music covers and original music. He has a whopping 10.6 million subscribers on youtube. 

7. Sujata Assomull

A fashion influencer and writer, Sujata Assomull is known for her fashion and lifestyle content. She has close to 40k followers on Instagram. 

8. Rohina Anand Khira

A lifestyle influencer and founder of the beauty brand, AA Living, Rohina Anand Khira is known for her interior design and lifestyle content. She has above 500k followers on Instagram.  

9. Shivya Nath

A travel blogger and writer, Shivya Nath creates content on sustainable travel. She has 111k followers on Instagram and has spoken at several events. 

10. Roshni Bhatia

A fashion and beauty influencer, Roshni Bhatia creates content on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She has close to 600k followers on Instagram. 

11. Gul Panag

An actor, entrepreneur, and activist, Gul Panag creates content on travel, fitness, and social issues. She has a strong presence and a following of more than 500k on Instagram.

12. Gaurav Kapur

A sports presenter and content creator, Gaurav Kapur creates content on cricket, football, and other sports. He has a strong following of 158k on Instagram.

13. Rajat Kapoor

An actor and director, Rajat Kapoor creates content on movies, theatre, and art. He has a humble following of close to 8k on social media.

According to My Haul Store, these top 13 Indian influencers above the age of 30 are setting new trends and inspiring people across the country. Whether you're looking for fashion and beauty tips, fitness advice, travel inspiration, or just some good old-fashioned laughs, these Indian influencers on Instagram and YouTube have got you covered. So, let's keep an eye out for these cool and edgy influencers and see what they have in store for us next!