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Ever Wonder Why Competitor Research is Important for Marketing?


Every brand and business aims to stand out in the marketplace. Before starting to think big, brands should have a better understanding of the market landscape. Researching what similar products in the industry are doing is more important. In order to market or introduce your products and services, you must know what the competitors are already doing. Competitor analysis is a part of industry research that aids in the marketing activities of any brand. Competitor research is significantly important for marketing. 

Competitive or competitor analysis is the process of finding out about the competitors in your industry and analyzing their various marketing strategies through solid research. Through competitor analysis, you can identify your brand's or company’s strengths and weaknesses. Competitive analysis is much more than looking at your competitors' advertising efforts and social media. The process also involves understanding their business history, considering whom they consider competitors, what their strengths and weaknesses are, how they succeed, how they face failure and many other aspects.

There are different reasons for conducting a competitive analysis. One of the main reasons is to understand how other companies achieve their goals when it comes to their products and services. This in-depth analysis or research helps you promote your brand more effectively. Competitor analysis helps you determine why your product should be better than others. It also helps you emulate the competitors' successes while avoiding their failures. Competitor analysis benefits your business in many ways.

  • Set benchmarks for future growth
  • Understand the market
  • Identifies the brand’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Helps to find industry trends


Doing competitor analysis is essential to set a framework for your marketing plan. It gives you several insights before you start your marketing strategy. 

  1. It helps you choose the most effective channel to market your products and services.
  2. It helps you run campaigns more effectively.
  3. Competitor analysis gives you a clear understanding of how to use content marketing.
  4. You will be able to establish a unique brand identity.
  5. It helps you do better digital marketing activities.

A competitive analysis is crucial for your own marketing strategy. It helps you formulate business plans for the brand. The process makes you understand what the competitors are doing better in the marketplace. Every competitor's research is significant for running better marketing campaigns and making the brand stand out in the industry.