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How Have Companies Like Apple and Boat Embedded Their Remarkable Presence in Our Minds?


Big brands know how to get into the minds of their customers. In the current business environment, brands that are unable to reach their target market both digitally and physically are irrelevant. Brands like Apple, Boat and several others have embedded their remarkable presence in our minds.

Apple practices its customer development strategy to develop long-lasting relationships with its customers. Apple is one of the most successful brands that not only focus on making money but also earns the loyalty and trust of its customers. The brand appeal of Apple is its customer experience. They invest heavily in redesigning their products with customer-centric features. The brand marketing strategy of Apple is to tell people that having an Apple product will make them better people. Apple has marketed its products in such a way that they not only appeal to people but also provide value to them.

On the other hand, Boat focuses on delivering durable, affordable, and fashionable audio products and accessories to its customers, especially Millennials and Gen Z. Boat, as a brand, recognized a need in the Indian market and decided to provide an effective solution. Boat is one of the leading brands that has made a remarkable presence in people's minds through effective marketing. Their successful marketing strategies include influencer marketing, along with celebrity endorsements, content creators, and even stylists. The brand has been successfully using digital marketing, mobile marketing, and email marketing for product promotion.

Companies like Apple and Boat have been leveraging their brands with smart and creative marketing campaigns. All these brands have grabbed the opportunity to connect with their target audience at the right time. Established brands make the target audience remember their brand by creating a unique position in the customer’s mind. It is a process where the brand persuades people and makes them feel like they are giving something valuable to the customer.

Emotions drive purchase decisions, and brands are aware of that. While running campaigns, brands determine what emotion or feeling they want to drive in the target audience. Being visible and memorable to the target audience is crucial for the long-term success of any business. A brand that makes people come back builds customer loyalty. Such brands will also remain memorable to the people who have used them.