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> What is My Haul Store?

My Haul Store (MHS) is a trendy tool for you which can help you in promoting your sponsored and non-sponsored products in more efficient and interactive way, providing a great user experience to your subscribers and followers.

> How to start?

To start working with us as an Influencer you need to register at www.myhaulstore.com. You need to be patient with us till your account gets approved. After approval you can create DS (Daily Store) & HS (Home Store) with your collection of products.

> How I will earn?

We are working with most of the brands and sellers who wants to sell their products online. We charge these brands and sellers to promote their products and we share the profits with you and that will be your earning with us.

> Is this a Kind of CashBack website?

No, it is not a cashback website, MHS is a marketplace where Influencers works as associates.

> Is there any criteria for Influencer to register?

Once you have registered, our team will go through your given information and then after the approval, you can start using your MHS account.

> How do I contact your Customer Support team?

We are always here to help you out. You can WhatsApp us on +91 7259209385 or mail us at influencer@myhaulstore.com. We resolve all query within 2-3 hours.

> What does Confirmed Profit mean?

Confirmed Profit is Real Money that you can transfer to your Bank Account via NEFT

> How long does it take to receive Profit via NEFT?

NEFT Payments are processed thrice a week. Depending on your bank, this payment should reach your account within 4-5 business days from the date of your request.

> What can an advertiser see on my account?

An advertiser can see your profile information, connected platforms and their social score. Ensure you keep your profile updated and all your social accounts connected to better you connect with advertisers.

> How to earn on a campaign?

Earn when you accept and complete campaigns that interest you. You will find campaigns from various advertisers that are matched based on a platform, interest vertical etc. You will be paid once the advertiser approves your proposal. To redeem your earnings visit the 'payment' tab on your dashboard and update your account details. Your payments will be made via an NEFT transfer at the end of each month.


Referral Scheme

You earn Rs.500 for every referral that signs up on Myhaulstore.com and connects his/her social account.

Referral must fall under any of the criteria below:

  • At least 500 Facebook friends
  • Admin of any Facebook Page with 1K Followers or more
  • At least 500 Followers on Twitter
  • 1000 YouTube Subscribers

Special Goodies for Top Earners and Referrals: Get more than 25 friends to sign up with the above mention criteria and earn exciting goodies.

Email- Influencer@Myhaulstore.com