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How to Become a Successful Influencer?


Have you ever looked at a content creator's social media profile and thought to yourself, "Oh, this is interesting; I could be one." Well, influencers and content creators rule over social media nowadays. In fact, you can not be online for a day without having an encounter with at least one influencer. With the transitory growth of social media, people are more determinative about a career in content creation. Similarly, they are certain about the scope of influencer marketing and how brands desperately seek influencers from their niche.

The largest percentage of youth (from Millennials and GenZ) are curious about how to start a career as an influencer. They are increasingly seeking all the resources they could have in order to pursue their dreams, especially the youth of GenZ. They are hard-working, pragmatic, financially-minded, and politically progressive. The question is how to become a successful influencer. It is natural for amateurs to think that content creation is all about doing videos. Well, fundamentally, yes, you need to have videos or some sort of content to begin with. But building a community of devoted followers is not an easy job. There should be a consistent effort from the content creator.

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Influencers are social media personalities with an engaged social following. They could be celebrities with a huge number of fan followings or local content creators with loyal and engaging social followings. For fans, influencers are their role models, and they will do anything that their favorite influencer recommends. Influencers are often considered authority figures and experts in a particular niche. Money and fame are the two main factors that drive the attention of youth towards social media influencer careers. Money comes from various sources, like marketers, brands, ads, etc. And fame will be there once you are an established influencer or content creator. After all, people love the power of influencing others.

Just like any other profession, you require talent and hard-work in order to excel as an influencer. At the same time, there are certain rules and strategies that would guide you towards success. 

Find Your Niche 

Do you want to be an influencer? Then create a business account or channel, but before that identify your area of interest. Nowadays, you are allowed to choose one or more categories from fashion, lifestyle, travel, beauty, food, sports, gaming, entertainment, health, and fitness. It is important to choose what you love and are genuinely interested in. Once you choose your niche, try to stick with it. You are also allowed to experiment with your content. But to have that privilege, first you need to be an established influencer.

Select Your Platform

First, you decide what type of content you want people to see. Now decide where you want to show your content. Choose whether you want to be an Instagram influencer or a Youtuber. Find your medium of communication as well. Be a blogger or vlogger, it's all up to you. But certain platforms might be better depending on your niche. For example, if you want to be a travel vlogger, YouTube could be a better choice since people spend more time on Youtube watching long videos.

Establish Your Aesthetics

The way your profile or content is perceived improves your personal brand recognition. The way your page looks, its colour, layouts, etc are important. If you are a vlogger, the way your video starts, its camera angles, presentation, narration, everything defines you as a personal brand. So make sure you establish your own aesthetic for your content.

Pay Attention to the Audience

When you start something new, people are going to criticize you. You decide to be a content creator, and you may see your own friends teasing you and laughing at your videos. After all, a certain group of people choose to hate you no matter how good you are. On the other hand, you will definitely cultivate a large and genuine audience. Listen to them, pay attention to your legit audience. As an influencer, you need to create content that your audience wants. You may have to pay attention to the comments and messages you get for your content. It's beneficial to have a strong rapport with your fan base.

These are the fundamental rules or guidelines you need to follow if you want to be in the social media influencer game. There are many external factors you need to consider while starting your social media influencer career. You must maintain consistency with your content. Take a particular time frame to upload your content and stick with that schedule. This will keep the audience anticipating your next video or post. Respond to your followers often to create a strong engagement. Going live, running giveaways, collaborations with other influencers, etc. are other strong ways to connect with your audience. If you really want to be an influencer, start today.