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How Hirect is Acing in Influencer Marketing


The close relationship between a brand and its influencer and how convincingly the message is communicated to the audience defines ideal influencer marketing. Organizations have mastered how to use influencer marketing effectively in the ever-evolving business landscape. Hirect is one of those companies that have effectively used influencer marketing. They aced it and killed it.   

Hirect is a job platform that connects business owners, startup founders, HR heads, and recruiters directly to job seekers. Hirect uses AI-matching algorithms, inbuilt chats, and verification features to quickly connect with candidates and schedule interviews. The chat-based, direct hiring platform is designed for the hiring needs of high-growth startups. They meet the hiring needs without consultants and promise 100% data privacy. From their #BeyondHiring campaigns to the latest ad “Mai Ban Gaya, Tu Bhi Ban Jayega”, Hirect is smartly pushing its marketing boundaries. The mindless marketing of Hirect is something to be discussed. 

Hirect creates event marketing strategies that completely focus on brand awareness to founders, hiring managers, and job seekers. Along with the PR and business development team, Hirect also works closely with influencers in raising brand awareness. The digital presence of Hirect is increasing day today. They have successfully used influencers for the brand awareness campaign. 

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Getting hired is not enough, there should be something beyond that. They have successfully converted this notion into a whole new campaign called #BeyondHiring. While YouTube videos focus on instructions to use Hirect, Instagram has made it more like baiting. It's interesting to see how they are using different levels of influencers ranging from macro-influencers to mid-tier, and micro-influencers. Recently they had a paid partnership with comedian Harsh Gujral on Instagram. Hirect has also collaborated with Munawar Faruqui, Indrani Biswas (Video Creator), Matt Upham, etc. Their latest Instagram reel has asked the followers to click pictures of every Hirect billboard and poster and make a reel out of it. Hirect is having endless hashtags on Instagram; #hirect, #hirectapp, #hirectpartner, #hirectindia, #hirectreels, #hirectstartupjobs, #hirectposts, #hirectmemes. Then again, the list is endless. 

This also gives a slight insight into what could be the future of the influencer marketing landscape. Startups prefer not to spend their whole marketing budget on one particular celebrity or brand ambassador. Instead, they find it effective among individuals having a niche community. Influencers with a dedicated social following in their niche are more likely to receive brand recognition and partnership from startups. Considering this to be the future of influencer marketing is quite fascinating, especially for micro-influencers and mid-tier influencers.

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Let's say, Hirect is one startup that effectively used Instagram influencer marketing along with marketing on other social media. What makes an influencer fit for brand awareness is their engagement rate. So technically having a good social following is not enough, influencers should ace in connecting with the audience. The followers should feel connected with the influencer. For that, there should be trust, authenticity, and real-time engagement. 

Hirect has made a mark on how to use influencer marketing effectively. It has been proven that the thin line between being startups to well-established organizations is the need. The need for the customer or a problem solving, if that could be met by a startup, income will follow. Now that thin line has been crossed by Hirect with the idea/ campaign called #BeyondHiring. Kudos to Hirect for the brilliant campaigns and for informing others about the various possibilities of influencer marketing.