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The Scope of Influencer Marketing Agency in India


The term ‘influencer marketing’ has been making solid bells and whistles in the past few years. The pandemic has played a considerable role in making this a buzzword in the digital marketing field. People have explored multiple online-shopping options as they were ‘locked down’ and unable to go out of their houses. People started accepting the opinions of influencers on social media sites. They believed seeking validations from influencers has significance in a digitally sound environment.  Influencer marketing has quickly become the marketing tool to help brands gain the desired digital presence. People gradually became subscribers, and subscribers became potential customers. Gen Z and Millennials have become the preferred demographic for influencers for all kinds of brands in the form of gadgets, accessories, shoes, jewelry, alcohol, food items, etc. Slowly, the thin line between content creators and influencers has merged. People have learned that there could be something more than just posting and getting likes and visibility on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Influencers have realized the scope of collaborating with brands for digital visibility and better monetization. Hence, influencer marketing agencies started expanding, and these platforms assist in connecting brands with relevant influencers in their niche. Some of the leading agencies around the globe are NeoReach, Viral Nation, Ubiquitous, Obviously, The Influencer Marketing Factory, HireInfluence, Kairos Media, Fanbytes, etc.

Recently, India has witnessed the business scope of establishing an influencer marketing agency. As a result, a good number of genuine agencies have evolved and started functioning full-fledged. Some of them have already been partnered with more than 1, 50, 000 social media influencers. From picking up the proper niche influencer to performing intense audience analysis, influencer marketing agencies have taken the business game to a whole new level. Choosing the niche and finding influencers who are brand relevant have been one challenging mission for marketers.

Many brands find it difficult as well as time-consuming in choosing the most suitable influencers, contacting them, running campaigns with them, etc. The limitations of actual marketers collaborating with influencers have sparked the scope of influencer marketing agencies. Pursuing the right audience at the right time is one golden rule in marketing and influencer marketing agencies have wisely adopted the spectrum and taken the shot. There are plenty of influencer marketing agencies in India that have explored deep into the new strategy of the marketing landscape. Some of the pioneer and beginner influencer marketing agencies are Grynow Media, Plixxo, OPA, Grin, Klear, PulpKey, Influencer, Winkl, StarNgage, Eleve Media, My Haul Store, BrandMentions, etc. Most of them have successfully carved a niche as the best influencer marketing agency in India. They are the middlemen in the influencer marketing landscape. From influencer discovery to management, and content creation, an influencer marketing agency helps brands in all these stages.

It has been agreed by professionals that influencer marketing is one of the most innovative strategies to convert the audience into potential buyers. In the past years, influencer marketing has seen rapid growth within the Indian market. By the end of 2021, the industry has marked total revenue growth of 900 crores. Choosing the right influencer and marketing strategy can sometimes be complex. The right influencer marketing agency can make the whole process breezy. A great agency bridges the gap between brands and influencers. It signals the marketing campaigns in the right direction. It is always better to work with an influencer marketing agency if the brand finds the whole process of finding influencers and running campaigns difficult.