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So what is the Influencer Exclusive Program?

Influencer Exclusive Program is a Exclusive Partnership that MHS offers to the Influencers, helping them to get brand deals, grow their Social Media and much more. If you are an Influencer who is struggling to get brand deals then MHS will help you get them. If you are a established Influencer then MHS will help you grow further and make managing your brand collaborations much easier. Along with this we also offer Exclusive Benefits.

  • Paid Vacation

    Always wanted to go on that Vacation? Partnering with MHS can earn you a paid vacation every six months.

  • A DSLR Camera you Always wished for

    On working with us for a year, get a DSLR camera delivered to your doorstep from us.

  • You on an Article

    Get an article published on you and your amazing accomplishments every six months.

  • Channel Insurance

    Have you ever been afraid of your YouTube channel hacked and years worth of hard work being lost. We got your back covered with YouTube Channel Insurance.

  • Gift Hampers

    Joining MHS means you are part of our family now and we take care of our family with love and gift hampers on special occasions.

  • This is just the tip of the iceberg. Join MHS and open a universe of opportunities. Fill in the form above and leave the rest to us.

When you join MHS you become family and we take care of family. Fill in the form above and leave the rest to us.

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